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CD With Software, Free 1 Port DX Voice Logger

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Xtend Technologies is a manufacturer and reputed provider of Computer Telephony Integrated (CTI) products and solutions. Since inception in 1997, Xtend has developed a broad... (Read More)

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Integrated with robust telecommunication tariff, traffic and cost management and feature-rich voice logging capabilities, the call billing system shows the full-fledged report of all incoming, outgoing, local, long distance and international calls routed through the telecommunication system.

Detailed information with trunk and extension number, caller and called number, date and time of call, call type, duration with cost of each call and much more are available to facilitate the account management process.

Continuous evaluation ensures operational efficiency, efficient telecom utilisation and sustained profitability in an organisation.

Bundled up with a single port voice recorder, the Call Billing System also allows the user to monitor live and listen to recordings of a particular channel.

The solution can be cascaded to support call recording for multiple number of ports as per the organisational requirement.

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