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Product specifications

Power range
5 Nm to 300 Nm
Torque range
Zero RPM to 1500 RPM
Speed range
with Pass Fail report

Product Description

Wiper motors are Low Torque Low Speed DC motors mainly used in automobiles for window wiper applications under dual speed operation.
Wiper Motor Test rig designed to conduct a series of Performance and Endurance tests on these motors mainly consists of a suitably rated magnetic particle loading device for adjustable loading along with suitable sensors special fixtures for clamping of different types of Wiper Motors safety guards and interlocks.
Wiper Motor test setups are offered with proprietary software developed for motor test to monitor and display Input Power Input Voltage Motor current Mechanical Output Power Speed Torque with Motor Efficiency Winding Temperature etc.
Two types of Controls are offered for Wiper Motor Test rigs as below.
Manual Controller consisting Set Torque Potentiometer Digital Torque Indicator Digital Speed Indicator Digital Indicators for Motor Input Voltage Motor Current Digital Power Indicator to indicate Watts and HP.
Wiper Motor Test Dynamometers are offered with PC based control panel with our proprietary APPSYS Motor Test software with Power analyzer.
Test Reports having Torque Speed characteristics Torque Current Torque Voltage and Speed Current Speed Voltage Efficiency characteristics Torque Speed Oscillations at steady state Torque at different temperatures Temp measurements etc and custom characteristics required by clients are exported and saved in MS Excel Tabular form and Graphs
Accessories such as Motor Temperature Winding Temperature measurements Motors mounting Test bed Test Stands with T slot having X Y Z adjustment for Length Width and Height adjustments is also offered along with Wiper Motor Test setup.

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