TST Flaw Detection System - Portable (FDSys.P)

TST Flaw Detection System - Portable (FDSys.P)



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TST Flaw Detection Technology Co., LTD TST incorporated in 2010 is specialized in designing, manufacturing and marketing the flaw detection systems for wire ropes and rope core... (Read More)

Product Description

This product is applied for the portable non-destructive inspection of steel wire ropes in maintenance.

Product Feature
For the nondestructive inspection of wire rope with diameter from 10-80mm
Detection environment regulated with M-Regulator.P;
Detection powered by WiSensor.P;
Portable detection of various flaw types including broken wires, corrosion, pitting, abrasion, fatigue, etc
Instant monitoring and evaluation of detection with integrated Keypad and Screen
Built-in signal processor for portable application - InfoBridge.P;
Built-in and PC software evaluating and reporting for portable application - T-Arithmatica.P;

Product Specification/Models
TS-X1124 for Rope Diameter 6-24mm
TS-X1142 for Rope Diameter 22-42mm
TS-X1160 for Rope Diameter 40-65mm
TS-X1160x for Rope Diameter 40-70mm

Mining Hoist, Civil Cranes, Ropeways, Port Cranes, Offshore Wire Ropes, Dragline Shovel, other wire rope sites.

Other Information
Inspection Speed: 0 - 3 m/s or as limited for Safe Operation
Flaw Signals: Broken wire, Abrasion, Corrosion, Fatigue signals complying with Internationa Standards
Flaw Detection:
99% Accuracy of Quantitative detection for flaw LF, LMA 8%
95% Accuracy of Quantitative detection for flaw LF, LMA 8 %
100% Repeatability of severe flaw signals
98% Repeatability of overall detected flaw signals
Quantitative detection of internal flaws such as internal broken wires & fatigue
Quantitative detection of external flaws such as broken wire, abrasion & corrosion


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