TGS5042 CO Sensor For The Detection of Carbon Monoxide

TGS5042 CO Sensor For The Detection of Carbon Monoxide

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Product Description

TGS5042 CO Sensor Features
Battery operable
High repeatability or selectivity to CO
Linear relationship between CO gas concentration and sensor output
Simple calibration
Long life
UL recognized component
Meets UL2034, EN50291, and RoHS requirements

TGS5042 CO Sensor Applications
Residential and commercial CO detectors
CO monitors for industrial applications
Ventilation control for indoor parking garages
Recreational vehicle CO detectors
Marine CO detectors
Fire detection

TGS5042 is a battery operable electrochemical sensor which offer several advantages over traditional electrochemical sensors. Its electrolyte is environmentally friendly, it poses no risk of electrolyte leakage, can detect concentrations as high as 1% CO, operates in a range from -40 and 70 deg C, and it has lower sensitivity to interferant gases. With a long life, good long term stability, and high accuracy, this sensor is the ideal choice for CO detectors with digital display. OEM customers will find individual sensors data printed on each sensor in bar code from, enabling users to skip the costly gas calibration process and allowing for individual sensor tracking. TGS5042 utilizes a standard AA battery-sized package.

TGS5042 CO Sensor Specifications
Model number: TGS5042-A00 (pin version), TGS5042-B00 (ribbon version)
Target gases: Carbon monoxide
Typical detection range: 0 to 10,000ppm
Output current in CO: 1.2 to 2.4 nA per ppm

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