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APPLICATION SYSTEMS is established in year 2000 at Thane, near Mumbai, manufacturing, various types Dynamometers to test Engines, Motors, Gears & Gear Boxes, Shafts & Axles,... (Read More)

Product specifications

Power range
1 N to 7500 Nm
Torque range
Zero RPM to 30000 RPM
Speed range
Test bed with test rig

Product Description

Tandem Dynamometer, also called as Hybrid Dynamometer, is combination of Powder Dynamometer and Eddy Current Dynamometer
Tandem Dynamometers are used for testing prime mover right from Zero RPM to Rated or extended speed range.
Powder Dynamometers, as their name suggests, contain magnetic powder in Dynamometer. The electrical current passing through the coil generates a magnetic field, which changes the property of the powder from free flowing condition at no excitation, to solid rock condition at full excitation. Thus producing a smooth braking torque through friction between rotor and stator is strict proportion to excitation.
The Powder Dynamometers produces their rated torque at zero speed.
The element to be tested can be loaded at standstill to determine the starting torque. Powder Dynamometer achieves at low control power, a high torque being independent from the slip speed. It distinguishes itself by a simple construction, low weight and small required space. Powder Dynamometers are ideal for applications operating in the low to mid speed range and mid to high torque range up to 25000 Nm of torque. For higher heat dissipation Powder dynamometers are provided with water circulation system for cooling, which passes inside the stator to dissipate heat generated by the braking power with power ratings up to 150 kW. They have system accuracy ratings of typically 0.2% full scale, depending on Dynamometer size and system configuration By changing the exciting power force, the torque to be transmitted can be adjusted infinitely variable in the range 1 is to 50 ratio. Powder dynamometers are typically limited to lower RPM due to heat dissipation issues.
Eddy Current Dynamometer, is simple dynamic load system for accurate testing of all type of Electric Motors, Air Motors, Hydraulic Motors, Engines and other rotating machineries. Eddy Current Dynamometer provides the ideal solution for accurate analysis of Power, Torque, Speed, Fuel and Lubrication consumption and quick pass and fail testing of all type of Electric Motors, Engines, Gears and other Rotating Machineries.
Eddy current adjustable dynamometer absorbs power and measures Torque and Speed characteristics with a unique braking system, which provides frictionless Torque loading 0% to 100% constant or variable torque load, independent of shaft speed. Torque is transmitted by a magnetic field without friction or wear. It eliminates mechanical contact and shock loading to the prime mover, providing longer life. In Eddy Current Dynamometers torque increases as the speed increases, reaching peak torque at rated speed. EC dynamometers have low inertia as a result of small rotor diameter and a low residual torque of 1%.
Cooling is provided by a water circulation system, which passes inside the stator to dissipate heat generated by the braking power. The water cooling in the EC Dynamometer provides high continuous power ratings and has typical accuracy ratings of 0.3% to 0.5% full scale, depending on size and system configuration and a very long lifetime. Mounting orientation of EC Dynamometers is in any direction, Horizontal, Vertical or inclined.
Eddy Current Dynamometer has Ferro- magnetic, Spoke structured, Low inertia, Pole is surrounded by stator plates and excitation coil is placed around stator and Pole. Until the pole structure is energized by stationary excitation coil, the Pole rotor can spin freely on its shaft bearings. When a magnetizing force from the field coil is applied to the pole structure, the air gap becomes a flux field and the rotor is magnetically restrained, providing a braking action between pole structure and stator plates.
Eddy current dynamometer possesses certain unique features, which gives it a clear advantage over conventional loading systems. Ruggedness and Reliability. Eddy current dynamometer functions without the need for mechanical contact. This eliminates the main cause of wear. Further, the stationery coil is protected against adverse atmospheric conditions, the use of commutators, carbon brushes and slip rings is avoided, control is affected at a relatively low power level. Electronic controller provides finger-tip operation and flexible control of the eddy current dynamometer from 0% to 100% torque load.
In Eddy Current Dynamometers rated torque is developed at approximately 15% to 25% of maximum speed capability depending on models.
Advantage of Powder Dynamometer is that it controls Torque right from Zero RPM but has poor heat dissipation capacity, due to higher speed, whereas Eddy Current Dynamometer operating range is 300 RPM onwards to 130000RPM, but below 300 RPM it doesn’t produce rated braking torque.
Hence, to apply Torque loading from Zero RPM to full speed, Tandem Dynamometer, at lower speed Powder Dynamometer is in operation, whereas at higher speeds Eddy Current Dynamometer are in use. Powder Dynamometer a Eddy Current Dynamometer are constructed in line, has one output

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