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Chengdu Zhijing Digital Technologies Co., Ltd. is a video surveillance software R&D company from China. We own independent intellectual property rights and the software copyright,... (Read More)

Product Description

Taichen Software has the powerful multi-client, multi-node, multi-server enterprise-class large-scale video management platform. The modular design of Taichen Intelligent VMS platform makes it with high compatibility, to provide users with the most flexible choice.
Software Components Specifications:
A. Storage Control (PC Based Hybrid-DVR & PC Based NVR)
1. Live view
a. PC Based Hybrid-DVR maximum supports for 64 channels at the same time, supports Analog Capture Card(Hikvision, DaHua, HanBang, Thakral).
b. PC Based NVR supports for single channel view.
2. Video storage
a. PC Based Hybrid-DVR maximum supports for 64 channels recording.
b. PC Based NVR maximum supports for 256 channels recording.
3. Alarm response action
4. Schedule: including recording scheme, guard scheme etc.
5. Motion detection
6. Playback
7. Smart search
8. Sync-playback
9. Video clip
10. Backup manager
11. AVI converter
12. Snapshot & Print
13. Hybrid mode: Compatible with multi types of equipment, IPC, NVR, DVR, DVS, Video capture card
14. E-map: Display the bitmap E-map, can view the physical layout of the site and the video streams simultaneously.
15. Remote monitor & control: Remote control or access by the client or WEB
16. PTZ control
17. Log manager
18. User rights manager: Manage and set these component user rights
19. Voice chat: Voice to the client
20. Text chat: Text chat with the client
B. Client Station
1. Local Definition Mode: Make all configurations locally, working as a client.
2. Data Center Definition Mode: Inherits User Profiles from Data Center, working as a CMS.
3. Live view: maximum support for 64 channels at the same time view
4. Group Rotation: Automatically switch between ordered camera groups
5. Alarm response action
a.Making an alarm response from the defined local video device status.
b.Global alarm response by obtaining information from the Data Center.
6. Remote Playback
7. Remote Sync-playback
8. Remote Smart Search
9. Video clip: Simply set a start & stop time and save your clip
10. Remote Backup manager
11. Snapshot & Print
12. Digital matrix: Remote control digital matrix
13. Remote setup: Remote setup the PC-DVR or NVR alarm and recording
14. Remote control: Getting global information from the data center and supervising the entire platform
15. Remote Group playback: Any camera from any device from any location can be in a group and be played synchronized or not.
16. E-map: Display the bitmap E-map
17. PTZ control
18. Log manager
19. Voice chat: Voice to the PC-DVR or PC-NVR
20. Text chat: Text chat with the PC-DVR or PC-NVR
21. Remote recording: Record the connected image and store it on the client host
22. Instant playback
23. AVI converter
C: Mobile Client
1. Runs on iOS & Android
2. Live view: maximum support for 6 channels at the same time view
3. PTZ control
4. Remote Playback: GUI Display, provides a graphical timeline.
5. Inherits User Profiles from Data Center
D. Centralized Management System
1. Data Center: the central component of the platform
2. Global User Manager, support Active Directory
3. Center Monitor Station: a Centralized workstation for VMS platform maintenance.
4. Streaming Proxy
a. Providing a single video stream.
b. Reducing bandwidth requirements.
c. Acting as a network gateway.
d. Providing access protocols to 3rd party system or platform.
5. Digital Splicing Matrix and Control Panel
a. Multi-Monitor Merging.
b. Group Rotation.
c. Playback on the video wall.
d. Drag & Drop Display.
6. Clock Synchronization: accomplishes platform-wide time synchronization, even across multiple time zones.
7. IP Alarm Proxy: External alarm equipment to receive data information.
8. DNS server and client
9. Group Snapshot management and viewer
10. Support vector E-map, Google, Baidu etc.
11. Dynamic Device Status Monitoring
E. Part of Commonly Used Video Equipment
1. Protocol
Onvif All series IPC
RTSP All devices support RTSP protocol
2. Equipment
Hikvision All series products, IPC, NVR, DVR, Network Decoder, Video Capture Card, Decode Card
DaHua All series products, IPC, NVR, DVR, Video Capture Card
HanBang All series products, IPC, NVR, DVR, Network Decoder, Video Capture Card, Decode Card
JuFeng All series products, IPC, NVR, DVR
Sony All series IPC
Axis All series IPC
Topsee All series IPC
CNB All series IPC
Pixord All series IPC
Vivotek 5K, 6K, 7KV1, 7KV2, 8K series IPC
Sanyo IPC supporting H.264, MJPEG protocol
Panasonic All series IPC
Wapa All series IPC
Thakral Video Capture Card


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