Sutung I5 500W Solar Power Generator

Price : USD 300 - 300.1 Per Pieces






14 months

Minimum Order Quantity


50 Pieces

Production Capacity


5000 Pieces Per Month

Delivery Time


30 days

Packaging Details


Color box and carton

Payment Methods


Pay Pal , T/T

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Product specifications

Net weight
Gross weight
Battery capacity

Product Description

I5 500W Portable Solar Generator
I5 500W series portable multi-function, AC DC Solar power generator with intelligent power system. Widely used in outdoor emergency power, earthquake, disaster relief, communications, medical, construction, military, civil emergency, and households, etc.
Technical Specification
Please send inquiry us to get more information.
Charge Your I5
Before using or storing, plug your I5 into the wall until it is fully charged.
Charging from solar.
Charging from the wall.
Charging from your car.
Charge Your Device From I5
USB: Smart Phones, MP3 Players, Digital Cameras, E-readers, Tablets, etc.
DC: LED Lights, Car adapter, Car on-board fridges, etc.
AC: Laptops, Cameras, Display Monitors, Appliances, etc.

Some common devices and their watt-hour requirements:
Please send inquiry us to get more information.
When you’re deciding on what to power from your I5, do some research into your device wattage


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