SS-700 Flue Gas VOCs Monitoring System

SS-700 Flue Gas VOCs Monitoring System



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Product Description

I. Introduction
The SS-700 process VOCs monitoring system is based on the standards, sampling by extraction method, configuration based on advanced gas chromatography, mass spectrometry separation technologies and hydrogen flame Ionization Detectors, photoionization detectors to measure the composition of volatile organic gases such as total hydrocarbons, non-methane total hydrocarbons, aromatic hydrocarbons, esters, etc. According to the composition and detection requirements in the analysis project, it can be configured to meet the requirements of the analysis project and the frequency of analysis. At the same time, the optimization of instrument configuration can be performed to maximize the use of the instrument and ensure the continuity of sample analysis. reliability.

The analysis system fully considers sample gas conditions, dew point and other factors, and specifically designs the pretreatment system to prevent the crystallization of components in sample gas from condensing and changing the concentration of components.

The instrument uses special column combination, center cutting and back blowing technology and hydrogen flame ionization detector technology for detection. The FID Hydrogen Flame Ionization Detector is a typical mass detector that measures the mass change rate of a component in a GC gas. The response value is proportional to the mass of a component entering the detector per unit of time.


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