SC/UPC-LC/UPC Simplex Hybrid Fiber Optic Adapter

SC/UPC-LC/UPC Simplex Hybrid Fiber Optic Adapter



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Shenzhen Spring Optical Communication Co.,Ltd is a leading company in developing and manufacturing advanced fiber optic passive products,mainly offer fiber optic indoor and... (Read More)

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SCUPC Female-LCUPC Female Fiber Optical AdaptersSpecification SpringopticsFiber optic adapterfiber optic adapter pdoduce diversfied types of adaptersincluding FC,SC,ST,LC,MU,MTRJ,E2000,DIN,D4,MPO,FC-SC,FC-ST,SC-ST,LC-FC,LC-SC etc.Integrative construction of connector,good and low insertion loss and high returnloss can satify the requirements of fast,exact,lastingand stable connection in different environments! Fiber Optic adapter ordering guide:


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