Pressure Transmitter

Pressure Transmitter

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Xian Chuangjin Electronic technology Co LTD founded in year of 2013 is professional in researching and providing a series of Pressure transmitter,Level transmitters,Temperature... (Read More)

Product Description

Model: CJBP-IB
CJBP-IB product is piezo-resistive pressure transmitter with zero and span adjustable. It uses high stable and reliable pressure sensor and special circuit board to produce transmitter, and performance is good and reliable. CJBP-IB pressure transmitter is used for measure and control of petroleum, chemi-industry, electric power, hydrology and flow pressure measure, etc.
Reliable performance, easy application
Short protection and reverse polarity protection
Measure gauge, absolute and sealed gauge
Measure temperature of gas or liquid which is compatible to 316L stainless steel
Used in field of petroleum, chemical industry, Metallurgy, Electricity, hydrology etc.
Reminders when choose models
1. Pay attention to media which is measured is compatible with part of product
2. Anti-exposion products don't have LCD or LED dial
3. Order temperature transmitter with LCD or LED dial, the power voltage shouldn't be less than 20VDC
4. In order to keep stable performance, we suggest user to install lightning protection device
5. If there is strong vibration, strong electromagnetic, RFI, please state before order and indicate in order.


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