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Procesadora de Alimentos Del Sur Limitada is one of the most prominent exporters of Frozen Pork Meat from Chile and South America as a whole. We always aim at providing the best... (Read More)

Product Description

Frozen Iberian Pork Back Fat, Pork Neck Bones, Pork Back Bones, Pork Trimmings 80/20, Pork Tongue swiss cut , Pork Liver, Pork Hearts

Available in stock are the following:

Frozen Pork Liver with gull bladder removed, packed in 10kg cartons, IWP.
Frozen Pork Neck Bones, packed in cartons of 20kgs, bulk.
Frozen Pork Humerus Bones, packed in cartons of 20kgs, bulk.
Frozen Pork Trimmings 80/20, packed in polyblocks on pallets.
Frozen Pork Hearts, packed in 10kg cartons, bulk.
Frozen Pork Tongue swiss cut , packed in cartons of 10kgs, bulk.
Frozen Pork Back Fat, rindless, skinless, thickness is 2.5cm min., cut length is 60cm, cut width is 20cm, packed in polyblocks on pallets.

No Clenbuterol and Ractopamine detected in all products.

All products originate from Chile and will be shipped directly from Chile.

Shelf life is 18 months minimum.

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