P811 touch screen PH/MV/Temperature Meter tester



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Measurement range
(-1.999 ~ 19.999)pH
0.1/0.01 pH

Product Description

P811 touch screen PH meter Features:

1. The instrument is equipped with large LCD touch screen and English operation system for easy use.
2. The instrument can recognize 13 types of pH standard buffers automatically. There are USA, NIST and CH series of standard buffer solution for option. Custom solution calibration.
3. It has functions such as auto manual temperature compensation, auto calibration and USB data storage, clock display, function setting, self-diagnosis information, etc.
4. The data can be stored, deleted, printed and viewed, and the quantity of measuring data can be maximized to 200 sets.
5. It has standard USB interface.To match with data collecting software, it can be communicated with computer.
9. It is equipped with pH combined electrode, temperature sensor and buffer.


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