S1 3-wavelengths Dental Laser

S1 3-wavelengths Dental Laser

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Pioon Technology Co., Ltd. is an innovative thinking, full service medical device design and manufacturing firm specializing in laser technology for the medical market. Our... (Read More)

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1. Soft Tissue Surgery
P1 Dental Laser is capable of creating precision cuts in gingiva and other soft tissues while also eliminating bleeding at the site and reducing the healing time for the patient.
2. Endodontics
P1 Dental Laser can be effectively applied in germ reduction or pulpotomy. It stimulates tissue so the treated areas may heal more quickly.
3. Periodontology
Periodontic germ reduction or Peri-implantitis requires the laser painless treatment and accelerate healthy tissue growth. P1 Dental Laser can make your patients more comfortable and satisfied.
4. Whitening
Laser teeth whitening is a safe procedure that is unlikely to cause serious side effects or Complications. Our device is definitely essential for your beautiful and healthy smile.
5. Therapy
Diode laser can help improve oral tissue repair and cell growth to enhance the dental hygiene. The mercury portable laser with TMJ applicator is more effective and convenient than other physical therapy modalities.


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