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Product Description

Outdoor PoE
1.1.1.Outdoor PoE Switch
PT-POS301GR-OT Outdoor 2-Port Switch
1 55VDC, 30W output per port
2 Support signals and PoE 6KV 10/700us testing
3 Temperature -40Celsius-65Celsius
4 Metal casing,waterproof,dustproof,IP67
Product Features
1.1LAN+2 port 30W Switch  
PT-POS301GR-OT is a 2-port PoE switch solution for remote powering of current as well as emerging high power applications. 
Outdoor 2-port switch output 55VDC/550mA, 30 watts directly without detection.
2.Wide-temperature design
Outdoor 2-port Switch works temperature -40Celsius-65Celsius for industrial environment or high temperature environment.
3.Lightning Protection
Provide 8 lines power& signal 6KV 10/700us lightning-protection for PD escape from lightning strikes. Shell casing, IP67 Waterproof jacket protection on the connector.
4.Easy install
Outdoor 2-Port Switch have good adaptability to the environment, there are four mounting holes to fixed to the wall by self-tapping screw or tied to shelf.
1. Input voltage: 100VAC~240VAC,50Hz~60Hz
2. Output 2 port, per port power: 30W
3. Output Current: 550mA
4. Data speed: 10/100/1000Mbps
5. Output voltage regulation precision: 55VDC±5%
6. Loading: 55VDC±1%
7. Working temperature range: -40Celsius~+65Celsius 
8. Size & Weight
   Size: 176mm X 269mm X 65mm
   Weight: 1.8kg
- IEEE802.3 10Base-T Ethernet
- IEEE802.3u 100Base-Tx Fast Ethernet
- IEEE802.3ab 1000Base-T Gigabit Ethernet
- Support for IEEE802.3af/at PD
- RoHS Compliant
- WEEE Compliant, CE/FCC
- FCC Part 15,Class B
- EN 55022 Class B
- MTBF:100,000 h.@25Celsius
PoE Power output
- Ethernet Pin: 4/5 + , 7/8 -
- Data Speed: 10/100/1000Mbps  
- Output Voltage:55V
- Output Current: 550mA
- Input AC Voltage: 100-240VAC
- Input AC Current: 2.0A@100-240VAC
- AC Hz: 50-60Hz
Size & Weight
- Size: 176mm X 269mm X 65mm
- Weight: 1.8kg
Physical interface  
- LAN: RJ45
- POE: RJ45
- AC port: three-pin AC power
- Temperature: -40Celsius to 65Celsius
- Height: -304.8 meter to 3048 meters
- Humidity: Max to 90%, without Coagulation
Network Surge Protection
Protection line: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8
Common mode surge voltage 10/700us :6KV
Clamp Voltage 1,2;3,6;4,5;7,8 :7.5Vdc
Power Output Surge Protection
Differential mode surge voltage 10/700us :6KV 
Power clamping voltage 4,5-7,8 :60VDC
Order Info.  
PT-POS301GR-OT            55VDC/550mA/1000M/-40Celsius-65Celsius/ 4,5+,7,8- /Intelligence
PT-POS301GR-OT-N         55VDC/550mA/1000M/-40Celsius-65Celsius/ 4,5+,7,8- /Non-Intelligence
Package Info. 
AC power cable 1 
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