Leica 10x25 Ultravid Colorline Binoculars - Capri Blue

Leica 10x25 Ultravid Colorline Binoculars - Capri Blue

Price : USD 919.15 - 919.19 Per Pieces




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1 Pieces

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500 Pieces Per Month

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7 Days

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Product Description

The Leica 10x25 Ultravid Colorline Binoculars are now available as Leica
Ultravid Colorline models with leather trim in a variety of attractive colours.
Customers can choose from a range of six leather trim options in the colours
apple green, Aztec beige, Capri blue, lemon yellow, pigeon blue and cherry
pink. Elegantly styled and handy, and with superior optical performance, the
compact binoculars of the Leica Ultravid Colorline collection are ideal
accessories for all viewing opportunities when out and about. Their maximised
suppression of light reflections, the trademark of all Leica products, makes
both pairs of binoculars particularly valuable when viewing under unfavourable
lighting conditions, in the twilight hours, as well as under stage lighting or


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