Jivanti Root Powder

Jivanti Root Powder



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Product Description

Common Name: Jivanti, Jivniya, Jivapushpa, Jivana, Hema, Hemavati, Hemalatha, Swarnika, Swarnalatha, Hemajivanti, Swarna Jivanti

Botanical Name: Leptadenia reticulata

Active Agents: N-triacontane, cetyl alcohol, beta-sitosterol, betaamyrin acetate, lupanol 3-O-diglucoside and lepitidin glycosides: Reticulin, Deniculatin and Leptaculatin

Uses of Jivanti

Eye Disorders: Take 3-6 gms of jivanti powder with triphala churna after dinner.

Fever: 20 ml decoction of root can be used to lower fever.

Improves Lactation: Can be taken as a tonic by nursing mothers.

Anti-depressant: Natural herb for hysteria or epilepsy without any side effects.

Spermatorrhea: The herb improves sperm count, sperm motility and treats involuntary seminal discharge.


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