HY-Z57 Automatic Screen Printing Machine

HY-Z57 Automatic Screen Printing Machine

Price : USD 15000 - 35000 Per Set(s)




Minimum Order Quantity


1 Set(s)

Production Capacity


500 Set(s) Per Year

Delivery Time


30 days

Payment Methods


L/C , T/T

Shijiazhuang shine machinery technology co., ltd. is a company specializing in the production and sales of automatic and semi-automatic plane screen printing machines.The... (Read More)

Product Description


The new model of the hinged semi automatic screen printing machine realizes automatic feeding, automatic alignment, automatic printing and automatic screen printing of automatic reclaiming; Chinese human-machine interface is simple and easy to learn, which not only reduces labor intensity and For the technical requirements of the operator, the machine positioning replaces the manual to improve the printing stability; the automatic machine saves the labor advantage and the semi-automatic machine small batch flexibility; the original semi-automatic screen version is used to reduce the cost of replacement.


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