Graminheet Natural Draft Biomass Cook Stove

Graminheet Natural Draft Biomass Cook Stove

Price : USD 13 - 14 Per Piece(s)






1 year

Minimum Order Quantity


100 Piece(s)

Production Capacity


20000 Piece(s) Per Month

Delivery Time


60 days

Payment Methods


Cheque / Demand Draft , Money Gram , T/T , Western Union

We are the leading manufacturer of Home and Kitchen products in stainless steel and manufacturer of natural draft biomass cook stove as well which is approved by RETS (Nepal)... (Read More)

Product Description

Due to usage of Fire clay it works longer than any ordinary wood stove and it’s four legs are totally CAPPA approved against imbalance and Bakelite Handles are attached for easy movement from one place to another even when it is working

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