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Product Description

Product List:
1.Control cables CABLECRAFT& PHIDIX
2. Cab units
3. Fittings & linkages
(Key words: Control cables, Flexible shaft, Wiring harness, Transmission control, TUTHILL、PHIDIX、CABLECRAFT)
【Push-Pull Standard Control Cable Assembly】
1.Instrument control;
2.Throttle control;
3.Power drive;
4.Valve drive;
5.Remote power control;
6.Variable speed control;
7. Hydraulic switch driver;
8. Gating;
【Target Industries】
1.Bus factory;
2.Truck factory;
4.Special vehicle factory;
5.Engineering machinery;
6.Mining machinery;
1.Durable material;
2.Long life seal;
3.Environmental protection;
4.Easy to install, performance excellence;
【Button Lock Push-Pull Control Cables】
【Micro Adjust Performance Push-Pull Control Cables】
【Micro Adjust Performance Push-Pull Control Cables】
【Non Lock Metric Push-Pull Control Cables】
【Pull-Only Brake Control Cables】
【Pull-Only Clutch Control Cables】
【Pull-Only TENSION, Control Cables】
【Pull-Only T-FLEX, Control Cables】
【Pull-Pull 4B, Control Cables】
【Push-Pull Customization, Control Cables】
【Non Lock Rotary and Linear Control Cables】
【Custom Handle Bar】
【Cab Units, Horizontal or Vertical】
1.Remote control of any driver;
2.Bus / truck - especially the truck and engine rear passenger car rollover;
3.Special machine;
1.Easy adjustment and layout;
2.Maintenance free;
3.Elimination jump;
4.Shift precision;
5.Elimination of the control of the deviation;
6.Easy to install the cab;
7. Do not transmit the vibration of power system, reduce the noise;
8. Reduce the cost;
9.Installation design flexibility;
10.For engine rear bus;
【Product description】
All kinds of connecting products, including ball joints, ball bearings, and all kinds of connections, widely used in truck, passenger car, construction machinery and other kinds of motion control system, such as engine control, electronic equipment and all kinds of program control mechanism. Metric inch optional, high precision, long service life.
【Product clarification】
1.Ball Joints
2.End Rods
3.Rotary Connectors
4.Ball Bearings
5.Clevises, Safety Fasteners and Pins



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