Fully automatic biochemistry analyzer

Fully automatic biochemistry analyzer



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Product Description

Fully automatic biochemistry analyzer

Throughput: 100 Test/Hour.
Calibration: Linear or Nonlinear with 1-6standards calibration.
System Calibration: Deduction of water blank / reagent blank.
Sample Position: 64 positions including sample, calibrator / standard, control and test.
Sample Volume: 1-100ul, 0.1ul/step.
Reaction Tray: 96 reaction cuvettes.
Flow Cell: 32ul, automatically washing.
Method: End point, Kinetic, Fixed time, Bi-chromatic, Multi-standard, Two-step end-point and etc. Storage Capacity: Memory of more than 200 programs and million test results.
External Devices on request : Pentium IV PC, Printer, monitor.

Batch analyzer:Insert STAT sample at any time during testing. Online display analyzer state, giving immediate analysis information.
Intelligent multi software: User-friendly software in English, French, Spanish, Russian, versions and other language software available on request.
Perfect quality control function with Levy-Jennings chart and West guard analysis available.
Automatic Flow Cell washing and probe washing between each test to effectively minimize carry-over.
Auto-check and Auto-alarm to ensure the analyzer in good condition.
New long life pump, no tubing wearing problem any more, Less service and maintenance needed.


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