feeding staff yeast from wheat bran

feeding staff yeast from wheat bran



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Russian company EXPODON LLC is located on the South of Russia. We export agrogoods and sell some real property in Russia (Read More)

Product Description

Russian company "EXPODON" LLCsells feeding staff yeast from wheat bran, with follow quality parameters:
Crude protein content not less 55%
Moisture not more 10%
Ash not more 7,5%

Packing in p/p bags weight 40 kgs.

For livestock and poultry farmers use feed yeast in feed animals allows to:
- to reduce feed costs 10-15% per unit of production;
- to increase the productivity of animals and birds gain up to 30%, egg production and reproductive capacity in sows and boars, hatchability in birds, geese, for example, up to 78% ;
- to improve the qualitative characteristics of meat and eggs taste, nutritional properties, lowering cholesterol .
Recommended standard input from the weight of feed is from 2 to 4 % for poultry, from 4 to 6 % for pigs and from 6 to 8 % for cattle.


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