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We are professional direct manufacturer of anti-bacteria and anti-odor silver fiber socks. All of our socks are 100% made in Taiwan. (Read More)

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Anti- Bacteria and Anti-Odor (Bye bye itchy and bad smell)
Silver ions can destroy the membrane of bacteria and eliminate microbes to achieve the excellent effect of anti-bacteria and anti-odor. After washing those for 200 times, our silver fiber socks still have over 99% antibacterial effect. You will feel comfortable without itchy and bad smell after long time wearing.
Thermal Regulation
The high thermal conductivity of silver will quickly spread the heat of the skin to reduce body temperature in hot weather. In addition, the high reflection characteristic of silver keeps the radiation released from our body in cold weather. So, wearing silver fiber socks,will feel cool in hot days and warm in cold days.
Anti-Staticand Improve Circulation
Silver ions contain the effect of anti-static electricity which promotes the blood circulation. By wearing silver fiber socks, it can highly improve the feet blood circulation due to the long-haul trip and significantly reduce body tension caused by static as well as reduce the swelling of your feet.
Natural and Eco-Friendly
Our silver fiber is made by advanced magnetron sputtering coating technology. The advanced manufacturing process is safe and clean without any waste and pollution which is completely different from the ordinary post-processing method that soaking yarn in chemical liquids.

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