DSM501B Dust Sensor Module for Air Quality Monitor

DSM501B Dust Sensor Module for Air Quality Monitor

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Product Description

DSM501B Dust Sensor Module Description
Dust Sensor Module: DSM501 series detects the level of indoor airborne dust, particles, and pollen, and ideal for use in stand-alone air cleaner or IAQ monitor. PWM output of the sensor can be directly connected to u-com to control fan speed or ventilation and also to display the level of particles. Detectable size of particle is limited to minimum 0.7 um, and the application for smoke or fire alarm is prohibited.

DSM501B Dust Sensor Module Type:
DSM501A : 2mm pitch connector type (20010WR-05).
DSM501B : 2.5mm pitch connector type (S5B-EH).

DSM501B Dust Sensor Module Electrical characteristics:
Supply voltage: DC5V
Power consumption: 90mA
Operating temperature range: -10 to 65 deg C
Operating humidity range: 95%RH or less (without dew condensation)
Recommend storage condition: -20 to 80 deg C
Dimension: W59 x H45 x D20 (mm)
Detectable particle size: approx. 1um (minimum)
Detectable range of concentration: 0 to 1.4mg per m3
Output signal: PWM (pulse width modulation)
Time for stabilization: 1 minute after power turned on

DSM501B Dust Sensor Module Features:
PWM output
Easy installation
Single power supply
Compact size and lightweight

DSM501B Dust Sensor Module Application:
Ventilator etc
Air conditioner
Air quality monitor
Air cleaner or Air purifier


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