Bojin Orthopedic Drill Dissection Kit

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Product Description

A bone drill is a device used by surgeons to repair broken bones. The bone drill is used to create holes that surgical pins and screws attach to. By drilling and screwing plates to severely broken bones, surgeons are able to save many limbs that would have required amputation. The bone drill is made of surgical-grade materials and is able to operate without adversely affecting the open wound.
When installing a pin into a bone, a surgeon may need to ream a hole out in order to fit the pin properly. The bone drill is able to perform that function with ease. What may have taken hours to do with more primitive hand-powered tools is now completed in a matter of minutes. The time saved completing the work is time that the patient does not need to be under anesthesia. This can often be a factor in the survivability rate of critically injured patients.


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