Bic Lighters J25 / J26 Maxi Classic

Bic Lighters J25 / J26 Maxi Classic



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Product Description

We can offer the best quality Disposable or Reusable Plastic Bic Lighters J25 and J26 Big Bic Lighters.
Model Number Description
Big Bic Disposable Lighters J5, J6, J23, J25, Maxi J26, Medium and Mini
Main Material ABS and AS, Plastic, Steel and Metal
Category Disposable, Flint and Rechargeable
Complete truck 33 pallets
Container 20ft 13 pallets
Assortment BIC mini, BIC slim, BIC maxi in different colors
1. CE and RoHS approved.
2. Material ABS
3. Choose the one you could wear on the planet
4. Custom design packaging is available
5. Free logo design is available.
customization is welcome.
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