Best price chilli pepper buyers dried red chilli hot chilli powder

Price : USD 1900 - 2200 Per Metric Ton



OEM Buyer's Brand

Minimum Order Quantity


10 Metric Ton

Production Capacity


10000 Metric Ton Per Month Metric Ton Per Month

Delivery Time


15-21 days

Packaging Details


As per the buyer requirement

Payment Methods


T/T , Western Union

Thailand Based. We manufacture copy paper and we also trade in variety of products like rice , sugar, milk (Read More)

Product Description

Red chilli wholes are bright red in color and dried. Red chilies are richly aromatic and have a very strong intensity of aroma. Red Chilli Pepper are the most common spice cultivated in Thailand. Whole red chilies are used in curries, rice preparations and are very widely used in Thailand. Red chilli Pepper are very rich in vitamin C and provitamin A.


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