Behmor Brazen Plus Coffeemaker

Behmor Brazen Plus Coffeemaker

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Product Description

With programmable brew temperatures accurate to within Behmor’s Brazen Plus is one of an elite few home coffeemakers to possess a coveted SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America) certification. Utilizing technologies often exclusive to commercial brewers, the Brazen allows users to program the brew temperature between for optimal extraction conditions.

This emphasis on brew temperature control is largely due to the fact the coffeemaker can double as a pour over station. When brewing normally the Brazen uses a thermal carafe and a reusable filter basket to produce drip coffee. However, the basket can be removed, allowing you to position pour over drippers directly under the oversized showerhead. The wide dispersion and the pulsing flow of water help to ensure that your grounds are fully saturated.

The programmability of the brewer extends far beyond temperature. Behmor has taken additional factors into consideration to guarantee the highest quality results. Users are able to program their elevation relative to sea level to account for changes in atmospheric pressure. There is also a pre-soak setting that can be switched on, allowing the coffee to bloom before brewing for a more robust flavor. The energy conscientious will also appreciate the sleep mode function that engages to save power while not in use. Should your home ever lose power or you are forced to unplug your machine, the Brazen's unique memory function will save all of your settings.

Memory Save

Whether your power goes out or you just happen to unplug your machine, the Brazen is equipped with a memory save function that remember your settings in the event that the machine powers off.
Elevation Calibration

The Brazen Plus can be calibrated to account for atmospheric pressure based on your elevation relative to sea level. Vapor pressure impacts the boiling point of liquid so the ability to adjust based on your elevation allows for more accurate heating.
SCAA Certified

Behmor's Brazen Plus is one of an esteemed few home coffee brewers that can claim to have been certified by the SCAA.


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