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ANTIL Injection 50ml



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ANTIL Injection 50ml

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Product Description

Therapeutic Class: Anti Alergic

Composition: Each ml contains Pheniramine Maleate 11.35mg

Indications: Itching due to eczema, dermatitis, urticaria, skin oedema, insect bites, photo-dermatitis, rhinitis, tail eczema in horses, stomatitis and inflammation of the hooves of cattle, serum sickness, and paresis during pregnancy, toxemia and retention of placenta, pulmonary oedema in cattle, and pulmonary emphysema in horses. The usefulness of Antil has also been demonstrated in drug allergies, anaphylactic shock, laminitis, atony of the rumen and also in the treatment of acute septic metritis and mastitis in conjunction with antibacterial therapy. Antil is recommended in all inflammatory conditions

Dosage & Administration: The recommended dose for Antil injection is 1ml - 2ml in small animals and 5ml - 10ml in large animals

Presentation: 50ml vials

Precautions: Pheniramine Maleate injection has no known side effects


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