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Aiming at solving the problem of water safety ,Shenzhen Shcitry Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd.(Short for Shcitry) is a high-tech company specialized in high-end air to water... (Read More)

Product Description

Enjoy sweet dew as you wish, a powerful Purified Air Water Maker which integrates air filtration,air to water making,water purification.
Commercial Water Makerfeatures:
Producing safe drinkable water without water source.Intelligent Controller should cut-off the respective component’s running when the corresponding sensors inspected the tanks are full, or the water temperatures of heating and cooling have reached the values as set.
Low power consumption and low carbon emission,effectively improve environment pollution,ease issues of water pollution water short.
Layers of filtration system including RO Membrane filtration ensure users drink safer and more purified water.Effectively removes odors from water which makes the water tastes more sweet.Automatic sterilization,fresh water circulation system removes 99.9% dissolved salts,colloid,microorganism, organics,to produce high quality healthy beauty fresh water.
AI Remote Monitoring System is easy to use.Sensors are mounted with water tanks,UV lamp and heater to ensure the best working status, and send warning signals for failures.
High daily usage,one-time investment,low water producing cost.
Automatic start intelligent water making system, quipped with household protective system to avoid boiled water scaled,along with the monitoring probe at the machine chassis which makes the machine stop working and give corresponding warning for water system failure.
air to water machine
Commercial Water MakerSales Channels:
Aerospace,Navigation,Military,Office,Shopping Mall,Stores,Public Institutions, Welfare, Hospital,Share Markets,etc..

Technical Standards for Direct Drinking Water
As per China Standard GB17323 ,with standard daily used water as raw material,water filtered and purified via RO Membrane and without any minerals,is called Pure Water.
As Per Standard CJ94, with standard daily used water as raw material,water with a small amount of minerals is called Pure Water,after layers of purification devices like carbon.
What’s the Water Residual Chlorine Value
The Value must be 0 as Chlorine comes from city water.Our water comes from Air which has no chlorine at all.This is also one advantage of producing water from air instead of traditional water purifier.


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