ZD-400B II Middle-sealing, rilateral sealing bag, 4 Laterals sealing High Speed Automatic Bag-making

ZD-400B II Middle-sealing, rilateral sealing bag, 4 Laterals sealing High Speed Automatic Bag-making



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Product Description

Application scope
Material: various compound films.
Roll folding: max width: 850mm, max diameter: 600mm.

Bagging speed: 150 parts/min mechanical design speed , approx. 30m/min.
Bagging width: max width 600mm.
Bagging length:50-400mm, multiple conveying device can be adopted when over-long When the bag length is above 350mm,it will change into multiple conveyances.
Notes:The actual operation speed will reduce for the reason of difference of the bag type and material.

Warping mode
Fabrication: put the warp beam horizontally,with V fold support,and pneumatically lock.
Control: tension is automatically controlled by swimming roller, magnetic powder brake displacement sensor.

Driving mode
Feeding traction: driven by servomotor.
Upper & lower sealing press: drove by altemating electrical machinery servomoter .

Temperature: 0~300℃,contact-free automatic control, CRT displaying.
Automatic count: presetting is available.
Punching device: time can be preset, continuous or interval punching is available.
Working mode: printing, non-printing.
Mode of multiple conveyances: twice to six times conveyance. Measurement for length: distance between color scales can be measured photo-electrically.
Selectivity: feeding without movement, upper & lower regulating trimmer can be selected.
Message alert: lost of photo electricity,lost of temperature,servomotor alarm, tension alarm and auto-switch off the machine.

Electricity-use configuration
Feeding driving servomotor: 1.0 kw 2=2.0kw
Upper & lower driving motor: 3.0 kw 1=3.0kw
Warping traction motor: 0.55 kw 1=0.55kw
Middle-seal device: 4.8 kw 3=14.4kw
Lateral heat seal device: 4.8 kw 3=14.4kw
Plastic Middle-seal: 4.8 kw 2=9.6kw
Control system and others: 3.51kw
Total: Approx. 50kw
Gas pressure: 0.6MPa 6kgf/cm2 min
Gross weight of equipment: Approx. 4.5T
Dimension Length width high : 10000 1300 1580mm

Control mode
Adopts the industrial control equipment,domestic displayer.
Adopts multiple photoelectric control.

The factory has the power to change the specification of products without addition notice.


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