14'' LCD Laptop Replacement Panel -  B140XW01 V0

14'' LCD Laptop Replacement Panel - B140XW01 V0

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Product Description

Panel Model - B140XW01 V0
Panel Brand - AUO
Active Area - 309.399X173.952 mm
Outline - 323.5X192X5.2 mm
Shape Style - Wedge (PCBA Bent, Depth-(less than or equal to) 5.2mm )
Surface - Glare (Haze 0percent), Hard coating (3H)
Contrast Ratio - 500:1 (Typ.)
Display Colors - 262K (6-bit) , CIE1931 60
Response Time - 8 (Typ.)(Tr plus Td)
Viewing Angle - 45-45-15-35 (Typ.)(CR-(less than or equal to)10) (L-R-U-D)
Frequency - 60Hz
Lamp Type - WLED Embedded (LED Driver)


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