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Black pepper is a spice also known as kali mirch or king of spice. It is native to India from Kerala. It comes from pepper fruit also known as peppercorn obtained from this plant looks like a berry fruit and belongs to Piperaceae family. It is used as a spice (main ingredient of Indian Garam Masala used in every kitchen) and medicines also. It contains the piperine chemical, so it is spicy in taste. It is used as raw, oil form, powder, spices, cooking foods, health drinks, tea, sweet dishes, garnishing and thandai (In India). It is the excellent source of dietary fiber, potassium, iron and vitamins C and K, manganese, iron, calcium, magnesium, chromium, folic acid. Now time to check the amazing health benefits of black pepperas follows:


Black pepper helps to speed up the secretion of hydrochloric acid (HCL) in stomach to keep digestion regularly. It also encourage the sweating and urination due to diuretic in nature. Because proper digestion prevent against diarrhea, constipation, blotting, intestinal gas and colic diseases.

It contains Piperine, that can stimulate the skin to produce pigment to prevent from vitiligo. According to clinical researches in London, piperine combination used with ultra violet treatment therapy to get rid of vitiligo. It also reduce the risk of skin cancers caused by the harmful UV rays.

It is the natural home remedy for common cold, flu, insect bites and cough if taken it with some honey due to its strong antibacterial property. It also helps to prevent from sinusitis, nasal congestion and keep arteries clean. In Indian Ayurveda it is used to treat various eyes related problems, combat with ear ache, hernia, hoarseness and gangrene. It is also good for the treatment of asthma, whooping cough and keep digestion regular.

The piperine in it, helps to increase the production of endorphin chemical in the brain, which is known as a natural mood booster.


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