Quality repressed conala meal(DEOILED CAKE)

Quality repressed conala meal(DEOILED CAKE)

Price : INR 15000 - 16000 Per Metric Ton






65 days

Minimum Order Quantity


23 Metric Ton

Production Capacity


2000 Metric Ton Per Month

Delivery Time


15 days after advance payments is made

Packaging Details


50kg bags and as per clients demand

Payment Methods


T/T , Western Union , Money Gram

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Product specifications

Greenish brown

Product Description

Min. 38% of Oil & Albumin, Max. 12% fibre and Protein as rich as 37%
Good Digestibility & well accepted.Extremely good Amino acid composition comparable to Milk Protein with very high nutritive value Adequate Lysine and Methionine is excellent for Non ruminant Poultry feed.


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