Portland cement

Portland cement



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5 21 MT / 3 days / week

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20 000 Ton Per Month

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12 days

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50 Kg Bag (also packaging Big Bag 1MT and big bag 2.5MT) and bulk

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Product Description

We can offer Portland cement from Iran available for sale in Europe. Portland cement from Iran all grades as per your requirement.

Cement is a hydraulic binder, finely ground inorganic material that is mixed with water creates a paste, which is long enough to retain workability and then hydration reaction. After hardening, retains the strength, stability and appropriate volume. Because of these characteristics it is widely used in construction as a basic ingredient of concrete and mortar.


Stable quality i.e. water consumption, setting time, strength in all periods
Bright color of cement is suitable for combination with pigments
Optimum start and end binding
Slower development of heat of hydration
Excellent workability characteristics resistant to aggressive environments i.e. effect of sulfate water, chlorides and other salts


Suitable for all types of concrete, suitable for the preparation of concrete for use in aggressive environments i.e. resistance to frost and salt as well as for production of massive concrete structures, to build bridges, tunnels, roads and all types of buildings, commercial, residential, industrial. Suitable for use in the production of finishing materials in construction.

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